A sense of security is crucial to building
and upholding safe communities.

By investigating and monitoring the global private security industry,
we aim to increase awareness and transparency in this sector.


Unclear exit from G4S by two Danish business people

By:Nils Mulvad / Denmark

In 2004, two Danish businessmen, Lars Nørby Johansen and Jørgen Philip-Sørensen, were the main forces behind the establishment

G4S company scan

By:David Ollivier de Leth / NLD

On behalf of the Private Security Network, SOMO investigated a number of financial aspects concerning British multinational security services




By:Varsha Torgalkar / India

“I have been working for 12 hours, from 7 pm to 7 am daily, as a private security guard. I work 30 days in a row without any days off. After 30 days

البصرة : “نعيش داخل أكبر حقل نفطي في العالم ونعاني من الفقر”

"تدهورت صحة ابنتي وهي لا تستطيع المشي، وأصبحت مشكلة ضيق التنفس شبه مستعصية عندها، وما يثقل كاهلي أكثر هو انعدام الخدمات الصحية والأدوية في البلدة"... من يحرم سكان البصرة حقوقهم؟


By:Gregory Gondwe / Malawi

One night in March 2017, Kondwani Banda (not real name), a security officer for G4S Malawi, got badly injured when he tried to stop a group

G4S runt eerste ‘humanitaire gevangenissen’: is dat wel een goed idee?

By:Ruben Brugnera / Belgium

Sinds kort telt België twee 'transitiehuizen'. Goedkoper op de korte termijn, maar op lange termijn lijken de kosten hoger.

Prison Company Stalls Court Actions

By:Ruth Hopkins / ZA

British multinational security company G4S wants the high court in Pretoria to suppress evidence that could reveal widespread torture and abuse of prisoners at its Mangaung prison in Bloemfontein.

Les maisons de transition, une campagne de com pour G4S?

By:Aubry Touriel / Belgium

Après des centres pour réfugiés et sans-abri, le géant de la sécurité G4S exploite désormais des maisons de transition en Belgique. Première étape d'une privatisation inavouée ? Le ministère de la Justice refuse d'expliquer le choix de cet opérateur.